Our exclusive system of almond production, the quality of the vegetal material used, as well as the application of innovative control techniques, allows us from VIVEROS RUZ VALLECILLOS to offer you, at very competitive prices, high quality seedlings as a fundamental basis for profitability of their plantations.

Our company also offers you the Integral Technical Advice of your plantation; which varieties are the most optimal according to the conditions of your farm, design and planning of your plantation, self-fertile varieties, how to distribute the different varieties to increase cross-pollination, fertilization, which type of pruning is the most appropriate according to the variety, etc..

Within the Spanish territory you can cultivate many varieties. Each of them with its own unique characteristics that result in different fruits, at different times of the year.


The almond tree is a tree of the Rosaceae family. The vigor of the tree will depend on the variety of almond tree chosen. The bark of the almond tree will crack over the years and will even change color, changing from green in young trees to brown in older trees.

The month of January is the perfect time to perform the transplants and the planting of new almonds in your garden, coinciding with the stop of the sage of these trees.

Keeping this in mind, all we have left is to choose the varieties of almond trees that suit your needs.


Varieties of Almonds 



Self-incompatible and medium flowering variety. Tree of medium size and abundant branch. Fruit of hard peel and reference variety in quality of the almond, with an average yield of 25-27%. Very productive variety in areas where it does not freeze.


Self-fertile variety and late flowering. Variety advisable for dry land plantations. Vigorous tree and maintains a good balance between production and vegetative growth. Training and easy pruning.


Self fertile variety and extra late flowering. Rapid entry into production (very early). It has a medium vigor and easy pruning. It has a high productive capacity and very regular production. Variety resistant to diseases.


Self fertile variety and late flowering and early maturation. Tree of high vigor, open bearing and abundant branching. With a very high production and resistant to diseases.


Self-fertile variety and flowering between late and early maturation. Destined to areas where varieties such as ferragnés, guara, antonieta or marta freeze frequently. Tree of medium vigor and high productive capacity. Resistant to diseases.


Self fertile and late flowering variety. All terrain variety and very resistant to droughts and frosts, of the best in rainfed plantation. High productive capacity and very regular. It has a medium vigor and early maturation.



Self-fertile variety and late flowering and rapid entry into production. High yield in husk, medium vigor, open carrying and easy pruning. Resistant to diseases and late frosts. High productive capacity and regularity in production.


If you dare to make fruit tree plantations like these almond trees it is important that you are well informed, and so you can choose the variety that best suits your area and the needs you have. Do not hesitate to consult our experts