The almond trees in bloom, tourist attraction in low season


The almond trees in bloom, tourist attraction in low season

The popularity of the almond trees in bloom is a tourist hook consolidated in countries like Japan but still very incipient in the Mediterranean. Little by little social networks like Instagram have revalued this agricultural landscape as an interesting resource to explore, which also occurs in weeks of low tourist season. To meet this new demand, the Consell Comarcal is promoting a pilot project of routes through flowered fields.

“The idea came up last year when we saw that many visitors were asking us where to see flowering almond fields; as we saw it could be a good initiative and this year we have created some routes, starting by signaling farms that are between Arbeca and La Floresta “, explains Iván Egea, culture technician. “They are big fields with some pretty almond trees,” he promises.

The Consell Comarcal has requested permission from the owners and has signaled two itineraries, which at the moment only announces on its website. In it he asks the tourists to respect the land, do not break flowers and never leave garbage on the ground.

Una de las rutas de fincas de almendros entre Arbeca y La Floresta
The first route proposes the section of road that goes from Arbeca to Floresta, a route of about four kilometers. The Consell recommends leaving the car and go into the cultivated farms to see up close the white and pink flower.The second route is a small secondary section that goes from La Floresta to Les Borges Blanques, where you can find another field with spectacular views, next to the house of the artist Edith Schaar. 
Campos de almendros.

The visits began last week, when the first almond trees began to bloom. And they will last until the end of the bloom of the most backward, which could occur towards the weekend of March 11. In total, The flowering period will last at most four weeks.