The cultivation of pistachio, booming


The cultivation of pistachio, booming

We talk about agriculture in the center of Castilla y León and we think of annual herbaceous crops such as cereals, oilseeds, beet, horticulture and less, except for the important vineyard, in plurianuales and ligneous. Therefore, gathering more than 150 farmers in a Pistachios pruning course has its merit …

And it is already a reality that the cultivation of pistachio has reached certain importance in our region. At least as much as to occupy some lines, from time to time, in publications of the sector; more among the incipient knowledge of the crop and even more among its new cultivators, which are practically all. And I say new because in this type of woody crops the process of empirical learning (which we already know that in the field never ends) expands in time, even more if we compare with annual crops.

Pistachio as an alternative crop is creating expectation for really being it: an alternative. Taking into account its climatic conditions, it is showing a good adaptation and development that, together with a good management, are giving their first fruits in the form of profitable harvests.

We count on the patience of the first five or six years without producing harvestable harvests, a stable price and (until now) without saw teeth. And that good management, although there will always be mistakes, we insist on not committing those already known.

For these reasons and after these formations, we increasingly use the word prudence. Prudence in the choice of varieties, planting frames, management systems, pruning, at the time of ‘giving us the accounts’ of the crop …. And the great subject of commercialization. All this oriented to this crop ends up being what it seems: an alternative.