Monthly Archive January 2018


The art of the almond tree

After the United States, our country is the second producer of almonds in the world. This fruit, so valued all over the planet, offers one of the most beautiful flowers you can imagine. We discovered them on an indispensable route through the lesser-known flowering fields.

At the beginning of March the almond trees fill the landscapes of our geography with violet, pink and white colors. From the natural spectacle of the Serra de Tramuntana, to a hidden park in the heart of Madrid and, passing through the beauty of these trees in Alicante, Malaga or Cáceres, we follow the almond route. Although it depends a lot on the weather, March and the beginning of April are the months when the almond trees shine in all their splendor, when their flowers are so beautiful and irresistible that they turn the place into a story field. It is an ephemeral flowering but so beautiful that it turns the fields into spring snow, the season that announces its flowers. And it is that we are the country of the almond, a very precious fruit in the whole planet. After the United States, Spain is the second producer of almonds in the world.

For that reason, beautiful corners abound in our geography to contemplate the spectacle of these fields in bloom. Surprising throughout our country, as in the beautiful island of La Palma, where in the northwest are full valleys cultivated almond trees, a magnificent white rug cuada de flor. Or in the rich and unknown interior of Alicante, where until almost the end of March the valley of Guadalest is covered with flowers. And it is that Alicante is the kingdom of nougat, a gastronomic delicacy highly valued beyond our borders. And of course, Extremadura, where the cherry trees are the protagonists, but the almonds, the great strangers, burst with beauty.



In the Garrovillas de Alconétar, the legend tells that the king of these lands married a princess from the north. And as she longed for the snow, the monarch ordered to plant many almond trees next to the palace so that, at least for a few days a year, the landscape reminded her of her homelands. But these beautiful trees can also be enjoyed in the heart of a great metropolis. Right in the center of Madrid is the extraordinary Quinta de los Molinos, a Historical and Well of Cultural Interest Park, formerly owned by an architect from Alicante. This farm is a white almond pool.